A downloadable game for Windows

RetroVillaHero Alpha 0.006

Playing around with Gamemaker studio 2

Game is in development. It's my hobby project.

Use space to jump. Left and Right arrow to move. Go to Menu for fullscreen. Use mouse to select character or select in Menu.

Escape button is Menu

Press Arrow up when standing in front of Radio to select different track.

Available Tracks by: HeartBeatHero, Hot Heels, Synth Street, sDwarfs, Eightecs, Sequenza and Night Rider 87

Activate sound by clicking with left mouse button on the speaker (top middle of the screen) in the first level or go to Menu via Escape button.

Press up to purchase items with gold.

Updates include:  

Radio shows selected track, Checkpoints make sound, Extra characters added   

Play it and show me a screenshot of how much gold you collected.

send me a direct message on instagram.


#retrogame #indiegame

#retro #2d #singleplayer #adventure #platformer #8-bit #pixel-art #pc #gamemakerstudio2 #gms2


RetroVillaHero Alpha 0.006.exe 20 MB

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